[RubyKaigi 2019] Day 1 の発表資料をまとめましたに引き続き、二日目に発表されたセッションの資料をまとめさせていただきます。 追加、修正などございましたら@DRECOM_TECH までご報告ください。

Day 2 発表資料まとめ

@nkwhat: スポンサーセッション Money Forward drives Ruby and the workstyle of Rubyists

@samphippen: How RSpec works

@hasumikin: Practical mruby/c firmware development with CRuby

@ktou: Better CSV processing with Ruby 2.6

@Envek: Yabeda: Monitoring monogatari

@yhara: Ovto: Frontend web framework for Rubyists

@jez, @ptarjan: State of Sorbet: A Type Checker for Ruby

@mrkn, @284km, @kozo2, @ktou, @znz : RubyData Workshop

@shugomaeda: Terminal curses

@udzura: The fastest way to bootstrap Ruby on Rails

Lightning Talk Sessions

@kis: How does TruffleRuby work

@jimlock: How to Make Bad Source

@spikeolaf: Dive into middleware with mruby

@Y_MITSUBOSHI: From ㍻ to U+32FF

@tagomoris: Invitation to the dark side of Ruby

@tanaka_akr: What is Domain Specific Language?


@nagachika: All bugfixes are incompatibilities

@koic: The TracePoint bumb!